Eran Har Even (born on April 22nd, 1983) is an Israeli guitarist, composer and music teacher currently residing in Amsterdam. Since his arrival in the Netherlands in 2006, Eran has established himself as a leading figure in the Dutch Jazz scene – recording and performing with some of the finest Jazz musicians on the local and international circuits. These include prominent musicians such as Benny Golson, Terell Staford, Jasper Blom, Harmen Fraanje, Susanne Alt, Joris Roelofs, Martijn Van Iterson, The Le Bouef Brothers, and Jamal Thomas, to name a few.

In one of Eran’s most exciting current projects, he takes the centre stage leading the ‘Eran Har Even Trio’, for which he composes and arranges original material. The EP “Laws of gravity”, which was released in the summer of 2013, features drummer Jamie Peet, bassist Tobias Nijboer and guests Harmen Fraanje on piani and Itai Weissman on tenor sax and EWI.

After receiving his Bachelor degree from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Eran completed a Master degree in Jazz guitar in 2012, and has been teaching solfege and coaching bands at the same establishment since 2009, training the next generation of aspiring Jazz musicians. Alongside teaching and performance, Eran is dedicating his time to research: he is currently authoring a method book about the application of polyphony on guitar, which is due to come out next year – it will be the first practical method book written on this application in Jazz idiom.

Eran is involved in numerous projects, currently touring with ‘Little Known Facts’ ahead of the Fall 2014 release of their debut album “In search of the new temple”, which showcases their unique blend of Indie, Jazz, and Rock. Eran is partaking in Jazz duo ‘EvenSanne’- a sophisticated singer-songwriter duo, which continues to tour in the wake of their June 2014 debut release of ‘Something So Sweet’. ‘EvenSanne’ has also won the intensive prize at the Keep an Eye Jazz Award (2014) in the Netherlands.

Eran has performed at various esteemed Jazz venues across the world such as the Kimmel Centre in Philadelphia, USA, Bimhuis in Amsterdam, and Paradox in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Eran’s various projects have also become a significant presence on the European festival circuit, performing most notably at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands, Swing In The Wind, Switzerland, Jazz By The Pool, Italy, Amsterdam Jazz Festival and Jazzfest, the Netherlands.

Having first picked up a guitar at ten years old, Eran went on to study at the legendary Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts in his native Israel. Upon graduation, Eran was awarded the America-Israel Foundation prize, granting him opportunity to sharpen his abilities in New York City for the following nine months. From the age of eighteen to twenty-one years old, Eran served in the Israeli Military as a ‘Top Musician’; playing and arranging for the Jazz ensemble of the ‘Culture and Education Corps’.

Eran says of his music that, “my compositional style combines the traditional language of jazz with a contemporary twist and places it alongside my own voice.” Indeed, his music is a true example of modern Jazz; without overlooking the all-important sounds of traditional Jazz. Eran understands the importance of responding to new trends in creating modern and unique music, with originality at its core.

“For me, music is like a conversation; in my music I use the melody of a song like a topic of a conversation, and the solo form is where the discussion takes place… “

Eran Har Even