“Stars are imagined in electric washes from expressive guitarist
Eran Har Even”

Mary James, London Jazz News

Eran Har Even is an Edison nominated Israeli guitarist, composer and a faculty member of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In his new album 'World Citizen' Eran presents a contemporary vision of jazz music which is crossing sonic borders and fusing cultures.

'World Citizen' is a result of many years of being far away from home. Seeing the world as one big source of inspiration resulted in a path of self-discovery. He has become a world citizen with views far from patriotism and nationalism; learning to be open to different opinions and cultural heritage and treasure the uniqueness of every person he encounters. This multicultural way of experiencing life makes Eran's playing and composing unique. Different musical styles are fused into one own sound, making this an album for like-minded globetrotters.

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Together with Israeli bassist Haggai Cohen-Milo (Omer Klein Trio), Spanish pianist Xavi Torres Vicente (Thelonius Monk Competition) and Latvian drummer Ivars Arutyunyans (Seamus Blake, Greg Osby) he forms a unique international quartet.


“Haunting melodies, and refreshing harmony, woven through beautifully crafted compositions”

Becca Stevens - vocalist & guitarist, USA


“As a guitar player myself, Eran is one of the very best in my humble opinion - an inspiring and original voice on the instrument!”

Gilad Hekselman - guitarist, Israel



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Up coming Concerts (Sep-Oct 2019)

Up coming Concerts (Sep-Oct 2019)

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